AvailabilityGuard for Financial Services

AvailabilityGuard for Financial Services

Used by 3 of the top 5 US banks and many other leading financial institutions worldwide, AvailabilityGuard provides a scalable and robust solution to the rapidly escalating challenge of maintaining service reliability in an increasingly demanding environment.

Ensure 24/7 service availability

With a growing portion of customers relying on online and mobile access, 24/7 service availability has become more critical than ever to financial institutions and their customers. As millions of customers access their financial accounts daily through multiple online channels, any downtime or service disruptions are practically unacceptable.

It’s no surprise to see financial services providers investing major efforts and resources to create a robust high availability and disaster recovery infrastructure.

Proactively prevent IT outages and service issues

However, highly publicized outages at major financial institutions around the world show that without proper processes and tools, keeping up with service availability goals is still a challenge for the majority of financial services providers.

Used by leading financial organizations around the globe, AvailabilityGuard is a complete Service Availability Management (SAM) solution, providing banks and financial institutions with comprehensive command and control capabilities to manage service availability and business continuity readiness across their entire IT infrastructure.

We were able to identify the possible risks in our current DR/HA strategy, making it easier for us to anticipate them and establish proactive measures.

Antonio Castillo
Manager, DR/HA Europe, BBVA

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