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Scanning For Security Misconfigurations & Vulnerabilities

Security Scanner for Cohesity

Ransomware groups, like Conti, Hive and REvil, are now actively targeting backup systems, which has forced organizations to look at potential holes in their safety nets.

StorageGuard brings the industry’s ONLY vulnerability scanner for Cohesity, helping you protect your most valuable data, and ensuring data recoverability in case of a breach.

How does it work?

StorageGuard continuously scans your Cohesity systems – including DataProtect, SmartFiles, and FortKnox – to automatically detect security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. It then prioritizes those risks in order of urgency, and provides remediation guidance.

  • Visibility. For the first time, you can understand vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations, and eliminate blind spots in your storage & backup systems
  • Prioritization. Act upon your most urgent vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations, where you’re most at risk 
  • Protection. Ensure all your storage & backup systems can withstand ransomware and other attacks, to prevent data loss
  • Compliance. Guarantee storage & backup systems are compliant with security regulations and standards 

Now’s the time to get the peace of mind that your storage & backup systems can withstand a ransomware attack.

Click here to go to the Cohesity CVE Library

See StorageGuard in action

Watch a 40-second tour of StorageGuard, and discover how to eliminate blind spots in your storage & backup systems.

Watch the demo
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