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Protect data storage, not just the perimeter

Valuable data assets reside in CSPs’ central storage systems. These systems are much less protected and much more vulnerable to cyberattack than any other system in your company’s perimeter.

Watch how hackers can penetrate your storage systems, and cause havoc with your data.


StorageGuard scans data storage, storage management, and backup systems for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. For the first time, enterprises will have complete visibility of their storage blind spots, with the most urgent risks automatically prioritized.


Continuous scanning and analysis of data storage systems


Automatic detection of security risks


Knowledge base of security configuration best practices


Overall health and compliance reports

StorageGuard Supports These Storage & Backup Systems

The Storage Security Handbook

This handbook showcases the need for securing storage systems, providing practical tips, and helping you present the business case to your CIO or CFO

1-Minute Video Bites

Back to Basics of Storage & Backup Security

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“We had been looking for a tool that would proactively find misconfigurations and errors. We wanted to ensure stability and quality in our IT environments… Continuity™ makes us more confident about our infrastructure.”

Stephan Haeusler

Stephan Haeusler

Team Leader, System & Application Operations

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It’s time to automate the secure configuration of your storage & backup systems.

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