If your organization’s core data were held for ransom or destroyed, would you be able to recover using your backup data?

If you answered yes, and pointed to your disaster recovery (DR) solution, be aware that it is inadequate. DR was created to address events such as outages due to extreme weather, power failures, human error and so on – not malicious attacks and viruses.

Cyber attackers target both production and backup data. Carried out by nefarious actors, cyberattacks and ransomware seek to prevent an organization from continuing its operations. To that end, they often target both production data and its backups. To meet this threat, organizations must add cyber resilience assurance solutions to their arsenal.

When core data is destroyed, the business is at grave risk. Attack on an organization’s core data, the information that fuels operations, can be catastrophic. When backup data is also attacked, recovery becomes impossible and can spell the end of the organization.

Regulation requires organizations to recover quickly following a cyberattack. Regulators worldwide compel enterprises in diverse industries to be able to swiftly resume operations following a cyberattack. In order to do so, enterprises are required to ensure recovery copies cannot be compromised even when production is hacked.

Challenges met! RecoverGuard™ ensures cyber resilience. The RecoverGuard enterprise-grade solution proactively verifies that recovery and backup copies of data are stored in a secure, immutable and isolated manner and that cyber-recoverability architecture and configuration best-practices are followed and are in compliance with regulations, standards and RPO requirements.

Watch a 40-second demo on eliminating blind spots in storage & backups

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