How AvailabilityGuard Works

How it Works

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Benjamin Franklin



Your Entire IT Infrastructure

Proactively-scheduled scans run in the background, in read-only mode, to discover single-points-of failure and misconfigurations across all infrastructure layers (servers, databases, virtualization, storage, replication, clustering and cloud) in your hybrid environments.



Understand Your Resilience Strategy

The scan findings are correlated with vendors’ best practices to understand the operating rules of your resilience architecture on both the technical and business-practice levels. Variance between the current state of the environment and the optimal state are pinpointed with images of environment topologies.


Detect Risks

By Analyzing Your IT Environment

To detect risks the solution compares the information from the scanned systems against more than 7,000 vendor-issued best practices, augmented by tech-user input. All resilience threats are listed in automatically-generated reports sent to IT teams for repair. This prevents firefighting outages and suffering costly business disruptions down the line. Threats are ranked vis-à-vis their risk level and impact on the technologies used and to the services provided

Clarity and visibility: AvailabilityGuard automatically generates up-to-date visual representations of the environment and architecture



Get Valuable Insights and
Complete Visibility into Your IT Operations

With one click from the dashboard, understand the status of your environment so that you can improve your IT resilience. Learn about how the health of your IT environment affects SLA and availability goals. Gain guidance through clear, actionable information that leads to effective operational decision-making.

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