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Prevent Outages Across Your Hybrid IT Infrastructure 

The goal of assuring resilience is becoming ever-more complex and difficult. For an enterprise to gain control over the resilience of its IT environment calls for automation and deep knowledge. 

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No time for downtime

AvailabilityGuard gives IT teams visibility into their environment and gives DevOps teams a tool for validating resilience on the go.

AvailabilityGuard proactively identifies misconfigurations, single points of failure and other errors,
and provides a detailed protocol for repair before faults can cause disruptions to service or outages. 


Prevent IT outages & data-loss incidents before they impact business


Achieve higher IT operational stability and configuration quality


Verify and measure resiliency KPIs; improve operations


Support CI/CD processes with automatic resilience validation

5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating an IT Outage Prevention Solution

“We were able to identify potential infrastructure risks in our current IT operations strategy, making it easier for us to anticipate them and establish proactive measures”

Antonio Castillo

Antonio Castillo

IT Director

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Discover how AvailabilityGuard can help you prevent IT outages & data-loss incidents

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