Ensure Resiliency & Availability Across Your IT InfrastructureAvailabilityGuard™ by Continuity Software


The goal of assuring resilience in hybrid IT environments is becoming ever-more complex and difficult.

Today, enterprises are increasingly adopting virtualization and cloud for their IT environments; nearly 75% use hybrid arrangements comprised of on-premise, the private cloud and the public cloud.*

The result? More and varied servers and clusters, storage devices, virtual infrastructure, database servers, and the networks that connect them across these physical, virtual, and hybrid environments. And, more teams implementing more changes in more environments.

The consequence? Paradoxically, but not surprisingly, this is a recipe that makes IT environments more prone to outages and data loss.

The solution! AvailabilityGuard™, used by leading enterprises worldwide because it proactively identifies misconfigurations, single points of failure and other errors and provides a detailed protocol for repair before they can cause disruptions to service or outages. Learn how AvailabilityGuard works.

Key Solution Benefits

  • Prevent IT outages & data-loss incidents before they impact business
  • Achieve higher IT operational stability and configuration quality
  • Shorten rollout time of IT infrastructure upgrades
  • Increase cross-domain collaboration and resource productivity
  • Verify and measure resiliency KPIs
  • Vendor agnostic

The AvailabilityGuard Dashboard & Reports

AvailabilityGuard’s dashboard and reports allow IT executives and team leaders to keep their finger on their environments’ pulse. They provide immediate visibility into availability as well as into service disruption, outage and data loss risks throughout your entire IT infrastructure, along with the potential impact any risk may have on critical business services.

One click from the dashboard accesses a range of detailed information about your IT environment’s health.


AvailabilityGuard Dashboard

AvailabilityGuard Risks

AvailbilityGuard risk details

AvailabilityGuard Risks

AvailabilityGuard scans hundreds of servers supporting business-critical applications… The product looks for misconfigurations and points of failure that may compromise the availability and stability of systems and services and lead to data loss. Identified risks and related details are presented on the system and reported to designated teams. AvailabilityGuard performs checks to ensure that the risk is mitigated. This closed tight feedback loop helps deploy new technologies much more quickly, with better results.

Galit Cohen
Head, Storage; System Resilience Optimization Project Leader, El Al Airlines.

* RightScale State of the Cloud Report (2018): https://www.rightscale.com/lp/state-of-the-cloud

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