There’s No Time for Downtime

Chaos or Control? Take Charge and Manage the Resilience of Your Mushrooming Cloud Environments

Cloud environments are evolving faster than climate is changing. Here, though, you can make a difference: Ensure resilience in your multiple cloud environments.

Ensuring Resilience Assurance for Insurers

The insurance industry is now at an inflection point, ready to adopt new technologies to bring services and new offerings in line with client demands. A robust and resilient IT environment should be an objective that’s equal in importance to the customer experience.

A What-if Analysis That Prevents Unplanned Maintenance-Related Outages

Enterprises with large and complex IT environments typically add and decommission numerous systems during an average week. From time to time, the unfortunate end result is an unplanned service outage. AvailabilityGuard What-If Impact Analysis report enables you to review the business processes that will be affected by decommissioning a switch.

Go ahead, move to software-defined storage – we’ve got your back, configuratively-speaking

Modern enterprises are always in search of more agility and productivity – IT included. To a very great extent these have been provided by cloud and virtualization technologies. And, most recent in a long line of these innovative technologies, storage virtualization is now also enterprise-ready. How do you confirm it’s configured for resilience?

The pace of innovation – how do you keep up with it?

Amazon recently announced that 497 new features were added to the AWS platform in just one quarter. How do you keep up with this level of change and assure resilience in such a dynamic environment?

banking ATM system outage

Banking in a Time of IT Transition

A spate of IT outages at banks and financial institutions has us reiterating our mantra: Detect IT errors and misconfigurations BEFORE they impact your business!

How to meet regulatory expectations for cyber resilience

ECB claims that “financial market infrastructures should be designed to enable it to resume critical operations rapidly, safely and with accurate data”. How can you make sure you meet these new regulatory expectations?

Outages at Airlines and Airports – Why?

Millions of air passengers in the past few months were impacted by outages in airports and airlines across the globe. Not always clear why outages occur. What’s clear is that planning and prevention are needed.

Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready for the Next Metallic Balloon

Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready for the Next Metallic Balloon?

A metallic balloon caused a power outage in Hawaii last month. A service disruption, which for global enterprises could have an enormous cost. In the age of the Cloud, there is no excuse for a local outage to bring down an essential service. So how come in reality outages still disrupt services more often than one would expect?

Telecom service availability

How Mobile Operators Can Ensure Service Availability

With the rapid growth of smartphone usage and the technological improvement, mobile operators are facing a real challenge to provide continuous service to their subscribers. When each service disruption can affect millions of users, what can mobile service providers do to minimize the risk of a network outage?

airline outages

What Can Airlines Learn From Banks and Insurers?

Airline system outages have recently caused dismay to thousands of travelers and tarnished reputations of several major US airlines. The causes are associated with the airlines’ complex, multi-layered systems but also human blunders. Keeping airline schedules on time calls for automated testing solutions capable of identifying critical issues in real time.

banking ATM system outage

Are Banking Outages Inevitable?

Banking customers expect ever-increasing online service quality with the latest and greatest technology. However, keeping up with technology and constantly upgrading systems makes banks vulnerable to risks that can cause service outages. The way forward lies in automation.

Making the Holiday Shopping Operation Work

Once, Santa’s job was easy. The advancement of technology allows kids today to get almost anything they wish from any place on the globe. But with the increasing operational complexity, what should retailers and IT do to make sure kids aren’t left disappointed?

Top Content Picks 2016

2016 Top Picks

As 2016 comes to an end, we’d like to thank you and wish you a successful year ahead and present both our loyal and new audience with a list of this year’s content that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

The State of the Cloud

The State of the Private Cloud

The growing levels of complexity and pace of change, make it extremely hard to run a failure-free cloud infrastructure. This blog brings the highlights of our first-of-a-kind analysis of private cloud infrastructure resilience. Read through and learn how common configuration risks are and what are the top issues across private cloud environments.

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