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The Missing Link In Your Security Risk Assessments

On-Demand Security Scanning of Storage & Backup

Are you running Security Risk Assessments for your clients? Does this cover the security of their networks, endpoints, and operations systems? …And what about their storage & backups???

With ransomware groups actively targeting storage and backup systems, now’s the time assess the security of your clients’ storage and backup systems, to give them visibility of their security posture and assess their ransomware readiness.

StorageGuard On-Demand

StorageGuard on-Demand scans the configurations and assesses the security of your clients’ storage & backup systems.

It then delivers an analysis and findings report of the detected security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, which can be incorporated into your security risk assessment. This report will also include the remediation guidance for each risk detected.

  • Who’s it for? StorageGuard on-Demand is a solution built for cybersecurity consultancies, MSSPs and risk assessment providers.
  • What’s the benefit to my clients? For the first time, your clients will have visibility of the security posture of their storage & backup systems.
  • What’s in it for me? 
    • Generate a new revenue stream that complements your risk assessments and remediation services, and leads to lucrative consulting projects as well as annual StorageGuard product licenses – for ongoing protection and recurring revenues.
    • Major competitive differentiator – join a select club of leading firms that provide a unique Storage & Backup Risk Assessment.
    • Provide greater value to your clients by safeguarding their data and data recovery and exposing them to a security gap they were unaware of. Our assessment findings will help you to close the gap for your clients to ensure their storage & backup environment is hardened, secured, and can withstand a ransomware attack.

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"If you don't put a lot of attention on protecting your storage, it can lead to chaos. There are bunch of controls that organizations can do to protect their data."


Ashish Thapar

VP Consulting - APAC at NTT Security

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