Uncover Hidden Security Risks to Critical Data Storage SystemsData Security Advisor™

It is generally acknowledged that cyber-attacks on enterprises are inevitable.

Fact: Enterprises safeguard their IT environments by hardening endpoints, networks and operating systems, i.e., the outer perimeter.

The paradox: While the outer layer is protected, the inner core, where data storage systems reside, typically, is not. This leaves critical data used by applications and databases and saved in various systems (storage arrays, cloud storage, virtual SAN, file servers, file systems, raw devices, appliances, etc.) vulnerable to attack.

It’s a matter of regulation: Increasingly, regulators throughout Europe, the United States and much of the world are imposing guidelines for cyber resilience and following a cyber incident, for the resumption of critical operations based on accurate recovery of data. Non-compliance incurs stiff penalties.

The solution – Data Security Advisor™: An enterprise-grade solution powered by Continuity Software’s Resilience Assurance Platform, operating in all environment types – from on-prem to hybrid. The solution checks for vulnerabilities, violation of industry best practices, organizational security baseline requirements, ransomware guidelines and non-compliance with regulations that could impact resilience and recoverability of core storage systems. Data Security Advisor enables enterprises to easily meet regulatory, InfoSec and audit requirements.

Learn how Data Security Advisor works.

Key Solution Benefits

  • Hardens data system configuration to prevent unauthorized access to masses of high-value data assets
  • Ensures compliance with cyber resilience regulations and standards
  • Facilitates successful internal and external InfoSec audits
    • Automates vulnerability assessment and compliance for data storage systems
  • Ensures recovery from a data-focused cyber attack
    • Verifies data copies and backups are isolated and up to date

Data Security Advisor Dashboard and Reports

The Data Security Advisor dashboard provides immediate and clear visibility into the resilience status of data storage systems such as EMC, Netapp, Brocade, AWS S3, etc. All the details pertaining to the detected risks are provided and reports are issued to relevant IT teams and business owners with guidelines for risk repair. At any given moment, IT has access to the security health score and status of their storage systems.

Dashboard: Risk overviews for protection and recoverability – presented visually, quantitatively and textually

SAN zoning best practice violation

Isilon privilege escalation risk

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