Data Security Advisor

Cyberattacks and ransomware are a clear and present threat to organizations. They aim straight for the heart – where your critical data assets reside.

How do attackers get to your data? If your enterprise is like most, it’s mostly the external endpoints of your IT environment which are hardened. That covers your networks and operating systems at the perimeter. But what about systems deeper within your environment like data storage and its backups?

Your most valuable assets are located in data storage systems which reside in your environment’s inner core and, paradoxically, are unprotected. This leaves critical data used by applications and databases and saved in various systems (storage arrays, cloud storage, virtual SAN, file servers, file systems, raw devices, appliances, etc.) vulnerable to attack.

What kind of damage can a cyberattack cause? A cyberattack that successfully targets data storage systems and backup files will cripple an enterprise. Without access to the data which fuels the organization’s operations, business will not be able to continue. When critical data is gone, months, if not years, will be needed to get the organization back up and running.

One example of core data vulnerability: The realization that storage is vulnerable is exemplified by the recent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) risk alert which warned financial firms that their inconsistent use of security features was putting customer records and information in network storage at risk. The SEC cautioned that the resulting weak and misconfigured security settings could lead to unauthorized access to key, confidential data.

The solution – Data Security Advisor™: An enterprise-grade solution, securing data storage systems in any type of IT environment. The solution proactively checks for vulnerabilities, violation of industry best practices, organizational security baseline requirements, ransomware guidelines and non-compliance with regulations that could impact resilience of core storage systems. It informs the relevant IT teams of violations and how to repair them in order to close the security gaps that put critical data systems at risk.

Data Security Advisor enables enterprises to easily meet regulatory, InfoSec and audit requirements.

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