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How low can you go

CISOs across the banking & finance industry used to assume that their storage & backups systems were far too deep in the datacenter to reach 

This has now been proven wrong by cyber criminals. 

Watch how hackers can penetrate your storage systems, and cause havoc with your data.

StorageGuard secures your storage systems,
to help you protect your data.

StorageGuard scans data storage, storage management, and backup systems for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations – compliant with NIST, ISO, PCI, CIS Control, DOD and more. For the first time, enterprises will have complete visibility of their storage blind spots.


Continuous scanning and analysis of data storage systems


Automatic detection of security risks


Knowledge base of security configuration best practices


Overall health and compliance reports

We give 60% of the top US banks the peace of mind that their storage systems can withstand ransomware and other attacks targeting their data.

The Storage Security Handbook

This handbook showcases the need for securing storage systems, providing practical tips, and helping you present the business case to your CIO or CFO

"Attackers are looking for identities and they're looking for your backups, to keep you from recovering. So you need to have governance and an active program to secure your storage and backup layers”

Marc Ashworth


“The hackers are after our data. In a bank, data is money. This is why I’m a big believer in securing the storage layer.”

Erdal Ozkaya

Erdal Ozkaya

Former CISO

"Storage is where our core data is stored. And so, vulnerability management, configuration management, and ensuring a strong policy around the governance of all storage devices are absolutely critical."


Sunil Varkey

Former Global Head of Cyber Security Assessments

See it in action

See how easy it is to assess the security of your storage & backup systems, and prioritize storage security risks

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