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Vulnerability Detection for Storage & Backups

Authenticated Vulnerability Scanning for Storage and Backup Systems

All leading industry standards emphasize the importance of using various techniques and tools for vulnerability scanning to achieve sufficient coverage and depth. For example, CIS Control (v8) 7.5 states that organizations must perform both authenticated and unauthenticated vulnerability scans of internal enterprise assets on a quarterly – or more frequent – basis.  Furthermore, they stress the importance of having a solution that can update its vulnerability database according to the latest publications.

How StorageGuard Helps


StorageGuard performs an authenticated vulnerability scan for storage and backup systems from Dell EMC, IBM, Infinidat, Pure, Commvault and many others


StorageGuard is the only solution that includes a comprehensive, regularly-updated vulnerability catalog and detection plugins for storage and backup security advisories, security alerts and CVE vulnerabilities


The vulnerability catalog encompasses storage operating systems, storage firmware, storage software, storage management systems, backup appliances, backup software and more

Product Comparison

Unauthenticated Vulnerability Scan Authenticated Vulnerability Scan
Endpoint systems Tenable | Qualys | Rapid7 | Microsoft Defender for Endpoint | CrowdStrike Tenable | Qualys | Rapid7 | McAfee Endpoint Security | CrowdStrike
Applications Netsparker | Acunetix | Tenable | Qualys | Rapid7 Acunetix | Tenable | Qualys | Rapid7
Database systems Tenable | Qualys | Rapid7 Qualys | Imperva | IBM Guardium | McAfee Database Security
Host systems Tenable | Qualys | Rapid7 Tenable | Qualys | Rapid7
Storage systems Tenable | Qualys | Rapid7 StorageGuard
Backup systems Tenable | Qualys | Rapid7 StorageGuard

"Storage is where our core data is stored. And so, vulnerability management, configuration management, and ensuring a strong policy around the governance of all storage devices are absolutely critical."


Sunil Varkey


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It’s time to automate the secure configuration of your storage & backup systems.

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