AvailabilityGuard for Utilities

AvailabilityGuard for Utilities

When it comes to essential services such as power, gas, and water, zero downtime is the expected norm.

To keep up with such high reliability standards, utility providers have established robust business continuity and disaster recovery practices, making major investments in hardware, networking, and software infrastructure to ensure 24/7 availability.

In such complex environments, configuration changes take place in different parts of the organization on a daily basis. While most changes are performed without a hitch, there is typically no visibility to the implications and risks introduced by such modifications on overall stability, service availability and DR readiness.

Over time, keeping all systems in sync and error-free across IT domains becomes increasingly challenging without the proper processes and tools for automated monitoring, detection, and collaboration across IT teams.

AvailabilityGuard/Enterprise is a complete Service Availability Management (SAM) solution, enabling utility providers to establish comprehensive command and control capabilities to manage service availability and business continuity readiness across their entire IT infrastructure.

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