AvailabilityGuard for Retail

IT Resilience Assurance in the Retail Sector

AvailabilityGuard™ provides a scalable and robust solution to the rapidly escalating challenge of maintaining service reliability in an increasingly demanding environment.

Ensure 24/7 service availability

With annual sales of many trillions of dollars plus growing online channels, ensuring that service is always available from any point on the globe is a real concern for the worldwide retail sector.

Globally, there are currently close to two billion digital buyers in the retail sector. Retail sites also have considerable traffic from customers that browse online before purchasing in a bricks and mortar store. And in addition to all the IT systems needed for running ecommerce sites, retail companies must maintain other management systems related to the various aspects of running a sales operation – front and back office alike.

The IT environments on which retailers depend are most often hybrid, comprised of legacy systems in physical datacenters and cloud-based servers and storage. Updates and changes made to these IT environments are implemented by different teams of in-house, vendor-affiliated and other third parties. This multiplicity sets the stage for errors and misconfigurations that may eventually cause service disruptions and outages; data may be lost and unrecoverable. The key to avoiding such incidents and to assuring IT resilience – high availability, recoverability and stability – lies in preventing disruptions and outages before they occur.

The road to IT resilience in hybrid environments

To avert outages and assure IT resilience, the best course of action is to prevent disruptions and outages before they impact your business. This is precisely what the AvailabilityGuard™ solution does. Implementing the solution provides retailers with the tools to gain visibility into IT environments, understand how they are running, identify hidden errors with the potential to cause disruption, and receive a detailed protocol on how to repair them.

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Alongside the obvious benefits of preventing IT outages and assuring disaster recovery, additional benefits of AvailabilityGuard are that it:
• Establishes an automatic process to regularly scan for hidden errors and enable their repair according to detailed protocols for remediation
• Validates and improves operational resilience in all environments
• Reduces operational costs due to less downtime and other IT-related incidents
• Increases positive reputation resulting from increased availability

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