Cloud Resilience

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    Cloud Resilience

    Shift Left to Get Resilience Right

    Test early, test often – because you’re the one responsible for the resilience and availability of your cloud business environment

    Cloud Resilience

    Five Common Misconfigurations on the Public Cloud: Will Knowing What They Are Prevent Your Next Outage? Much More is Involved.

    Here’s a glimpse into some issues that cause disruptions or downtime. But they are not a five-step blueprint for resilience. Much more is involved.

    Cloud Resilience

    Chaos or Control? Take Charge and Manage the Resilience of Your Mushrooming Cloud Environments

    Cloud environments are evolving faster than climate is changing. Here, though, you can make a difference: Ensure resilience in your multiple cloud environments.

    Cloud Resilience

    The pace of innovation – how do you keep up with it?

    Amazon recently announced that 497 new features were added to the AWS platform in just one quarter. How do you keep up with this level of change and assure resilience in such a dynamic environment?

    The State of the Cloud
    Cloud Resilience

    The State of the Private Cloud

    The growing levels of complexity and pace of change, make it extremely hard to run a failure-free cloud infrastructure. This blog brings the highlights of our first-of-a-kind analysis of private cloud infrastructure resilience. Read through and learn how common configuration risks are and what are the top issues across private cloud environments.

    Infrastructure HERO
    Cloud Resilience

    Become an Infrastructure HERO

    Taking proactive measurements is extremely important when it comes to protecting your critical systems. Now, with our free vSphere Resilience HealthCheck, you can become a Hero and save your virtual infrastructure from misconfigurations and critical errors. Read through and learn how you can Win a GoPro HERO camera.

    Cloud Resilience

    Protecting Your Private Cloud Environment from Outages with AvailabilityGuard 6.4

    AvailabilityGuard 6.4 provides even better outage prevention capabilities, especially across the VMware-based private Cloud environment. Learn how the expanded capabilities help detect risks in related technologies such as EMC VPLEX, VCE Vbloc, and Zerto.

    Cloud Resilience

    Quick Guidebook: Top 10 Private Cloud Risks

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Enterprises routinely build Disaster Recovery and High Availability measures into their private cloud infrastructure, so why do downtime and data loss risks still exist? Reality is that

    Take a Proactive Approach.
    Validate your IT and Cyber Resilience

    Prevent downtime, data-loss and cyber resilience risks in hybrid IT infrastructure

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