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Protecting Your Private Cloud Environment from Outages with AvailabilityGuard 6.4

  • March 3, 2015
  • 4 min read

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An exciting new release of AvailabilityGuard was announced recently by Continuity Software. Version 6.4 is the latest edition of this award-winning software, and it offers broader IT risk detection and enhanced support for the VMware Cloud environment as well as other related technologies such as Zerto and VPLEX.

AvailabilityGuard Version 6.4 is geared towards datacenter resiliency, operational excellence, and high availability for VMware Cloud environment and other related technologies.

Prevention is the Best Cure

The Private Cloud offers many benefits, including the promise of scalability, built-in redundancy and high availability. However, no environment is fail-proof, and the Cloud is no exception. In fact, those very features that make the Cloud so effective also make it risk-prone and challenging to configure. In a dynamic VMware environment, the failure of a single physical device or shared file system can bring down multiple virtual machines running several business applications. The result could be a severe impact of your Cloud availability and to your business.

AvailabilityGuard helps Private Cloud IT teams keep their fingers on the pulse at all times. AvailabilityGuard automatically verifies that all layers within your VMware environment are configured correctly and ensures at all times that VMware best-practices are being met, with maximum compliance for your Cloud’s network, OS, storage, databases and replication configuration.

By using AvailabilityGuard 6.4, IT operations teams are better positioned to eliminate the risk of a critical failure that can lead to unplanned outages. This is done by predicting the problems that will likely crop up through IT Operations Analytics and empowering IT teams to remove the risks before they have a chance to impact your infrastructure’s availability. Think of it as a way to prevent fires from even starting – rather than frantically fighting them after-the-fact.

You Can Bank on a Winner

Thanks to the insights you are able to generate via this IT Operations Analytics software, your IT teams can gather valuable information from an early-warning notification system for the Private Cloud infrastructure. The solution makes it so much easier to identify potential problems well ahead of time and it guards against potential downtime and data loss. It does this by identifying configuration mistakes and single points of failure in your Cloud infrastructure.

What’s New About AvailabilityGuard 6.4?

AvailabilityGuard/Cloud expands its Cloud environment risk detection capabilities, ensuring that your VMware-based cloud adheres to best- practices and is configured correctly relative to other virtual and physical layers. VMware Virtual Network risk detection capabilities have been broadened so that AvailabilityGuard documents the virtual network topology and analyzes the configuration of virtual switches, port groups, NIC teaming, VLAN tagging (and more) to detect various misconfigurations preventing successful virtual machine fail-over or vMotion.

AvailabilityGuard analyzes the configuration of Zerto components (ZVM, VRA, VPG and more) to detect best-practice violations that can lead to data loss or RPO/RTO violations. And protects recovery when Zerto is used by analyzing additional IT layer (Database and Application Servers, VM OS, ESXi and Datastores, Virtual Network, SAN Fabric and more ) and VM dependencies.

Also, EMC VPLEX modes such as VPLEX Geo, Metro and Local can all be analyzed. Critical layers including the SAN fabric, clustering and virtualization can also be risk-assessed. This ‘scan and rectify’ technology can analyze virtual machine components such as VCE Vblock, Cisco/NetApp’s FlexPod and other VMware infrastructure solutions. The goal in all instances is to ensure that these IT environments are risk free in terms of downtime and data loss risks.

Ensure Operational Excellence

As a frontrunner in the global IT operations arena, Continuity Software leads the way in helping companies prevent unplanned outages. By pinpointing errors and suggesting remedial actions before a risk becomes an actual problem, you can meet and even exceed your business goals while at the same time improving operational efficiency and utilizing the advantages of the Cloud.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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