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VP Product Management & Customer Success at Continuity Software

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Data Loss Prevention

4 Oracle DataGuard Recovery Risks

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Your company decided to replicate production Oracle databases to a remote DR site using Data Guard. The database administration crew set it up and made

Data Loss Prevention

VMware ESX: data loss / downtime risks and how to avoid them

Continuing my previous virtualization posts, I’d like to take this time to describe additional examples of what-could-go-wrong-in-my-private-cloud. Here they are: Replication issues. For instance, a VM

Data Loss Prevention

Cutting HA/DR costs with analytics

Availability, Recoverability and Data Protection are critical to any enterprise. The alternative cost is unacceptable in capital and reputation losses. Thus, significant time, resources and money

IT Resilience

BCP is not different than other IT departments

Among other, BCP personnel bear the responsibility for recoverability in case of disaster. The BCP manager must verify that at any given time, data can be

IT Resilience

The importance of creating point-in-time copies on a regular basis

Today I’d like to take the time to outline the differences between continuous replication (often referred to as “synchronous” or “asynchronous”) and periodic replication, or point-in-time

IT Resilience

About virtualization and disaster recovery

Virtualization and solutions such as VMware SRM certainly encapsulate great advantages for DR testing. The assurance that the production and DR servers are 100% identical is

IT Resilience

A Common Risk Identified in Remote Mirroring Configuration

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Remember our LVM mirroring article from a few weeks ago? This time I’d like to take a closer look at one of the potential risks that

Data Loss Prevention

Using LVM mirroring for disaster recovery?

One of the disaster recovery solutions in use by many organizations is LVM mirroring and snapshots. Some of you may raise an eyebrow reading this, thinking

Take a Proactive Approach.
Validate your IT and Cyber Resilience

Prevent downtime, data-loss and cyber resilience risks in hybrid IT infrastructure

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