Yaniv Valik

VP Product Management at Continuity Software

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    Baseline Security

    SEC alerts financial firms regarding increased risk of ransomware attacks

    OCIE warns of new campaigns launched to penetrate financial organizations and deploy ransomware. Recommends to validate operational resilience.

    Baseline Security

    Security Baselines for Enterprise Storage Systems: Is Yours Being Followed?

    Storage teams struggle to keep storage systems configured according to the defined security baseline. How can we verify adherence to security baseline? This article explores the options.

    Baseline Security

    Five Common Storage Security Misconfigurations

    Out of the thousands of storage security configuration issues Data Security Advisor routinely checks for, we assembled here five common examples to share with our readers

    Baseline Security

    Data Security Advisor now enables automatic storage security risk remediation and change tracking

    The newest Data Security Advisor (DSA) version provides continuous storage system security configuration change tracking and facilitates automated healing of storage security risks

    IT Resilience

    Misconfigurations Lead to a Lawsuit

    BB&T Bank and Hitachi: Which company is responsible for the actions or inactions that led to BB&T’s February 2018 outage?

    Cyber Resilience

    SEC Alerts Financial Firms to Risks Associated with Storage Practices for Sensitive Data

    Security features insufficient; misconfigurations, maintenance and change practices must be addressed. (Data Security Advisor™ can help here!)

    IT Resilience

    Container Technology + Container Orchestration ≠ Resilience

    Container technology has brought many important benefits to enterprise IT but resilience is not one of them

    Cyber Resilience

    Cyber-resilience: A Critical Component of Any Comprehensive Cyber-security Strategy

    To keep core data systems safe, architect IT environments that shield critical data from attack

    IT Resilience

    A What-if Analysis That Prevents Unplanned Maintenance-Related Outages

    Enterprises with large and complex IT environments typically add and decommission numerous systems during an average week. From time to time, the unfortunate end result is an unplanned service outage. AvailabilityGuard What-If Impact Analysis report enables you to review the business processes that will be affected by decommissioning a switch.

    Take a Proactive Approach.
    Validate your IT and Cyber Resilience

    Prevent downtime, data-loss and cyber resilience risks in hybrid IT infrastructure

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