Iris Zarecki

Iris Zarecki leads marketing at Continuity Software. Iris brings to Continuity Software a unique blend of IT, technology and marketing, combined with her passion for the art and science of marketing technology to international enterprises.

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    IT Resilience

    The Story of the IRS’s 11-hour Outage on Tax Day 2018

    “Firmware bug” reported as the cause for the IRS online filing platform outage. What went on behind the scenes that led up to the outage?

    IT Resilience

    Farewell to 2018. In 2019, let’s conquer the IT resilience challenge

    Well, 2018 is just about over and at the end of the year it’s good to take stock of what this past year was about. In 2018, we saw that complex, hybrid IT systems are hard to maintain especially when you don’t really know why they fail. What were the issues that concerned us and the community we serve, what was our take on significant events that occurred and now, what have we learned?

    IT Resilience

    The Lesson of the Black Friday Outages: IT Resilience is Paramount!

    Shoppers plan their Black Friday purchases weeks in advance. Retailers, please plan, test and verify your IT environment resilience in advance, so outages don’t recur.

    IT Resilience

    Ensuring Resilience Assurance for Insurers

    The insurance industry is now at an inflection point, ready to adopt new technologies to bring services and new offerings in line with client demands. A robust and resilient IT environment should be an objective that’s equal in importance to the customer experience.

    banking ATM system outage
    Financial Services

    Banking in a Time of IT Transition

    A spate of IT outages at banks and financial institutions has us reiterating our mantra: Detect IT errors and misconfigurations BEFORE they impact your business!

    IT Resilience

    Outages at Airlines and Airports – Why?

    Millions of air passengers in the past few months were impacted by outages in airports and airlines across the globe. Not always clear why outages occur. What’s clear is that planning and prevention are needed.

    Top Content Picks 2016
    IT Resilience

    2016 Top Picks

    As 2016 comes to an end, we’d like to thank you and wish you a successful year ahead and present both our loyal and new audience with a list of this year’s content that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

    The State of the Cloud
    Cloud Resilience

    The State of the Private Cloud

    The growing levels of complexity and pace of change, make it extremely hard to run a failure-free cloud infrastructure. This blog brings the highlights of our first-of-a-kind analysis of private cloud infrastructure resilience. Read through and learn how common configuration risks are and what are the top issues across private cloud environments.

    Take a Proactive Approach.
    Validate your IT and Cyber Resilience

    Prevent downtime, data-loss and cyber resilience risks in hybrid IT infrastructure

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