2016 Top Picks

There’s No Time for Downtime

2016 Top Picks

Top Content Picks 2016
by Roy Goffer on December 21, 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, we’d like to say thanks and wish you a successful year ahead. This is also a good opportunity to list the content that our readers found most interesting this year and find a common trend.

Resiliency Going the Wrong Direction

With many service incidents across the globe impacting millions of consumers this year, it seems obvious that 2016 was a bad year for enterprise IT resiliency. Major service outage at both large and small enterprises were all over the news lately, so it is no coincidence that IT professionals showed top interest in our resiliency related blogs, infographics and reports. Some of our reports backed up what frustrated consumers experienced – indicating that organizations are struggling to provide a level of resiliency that can match the increasing technological complexity and business goals. We even saw that in the past year there were even more downtime incidents than years before, especially when it comes to private clouds and hybrid infrastructure.

And the Top Picks Are…

– The Real Reason Airline (and other) Systems Go Down
– A Four Point Strategy for Tackling IT Emergencies

– Shifting IT Infrastructure to the Cloud

– 2016 Infrastructure Resiliency Report

– Agile IT Operations eBook


Wishing you a resilient & successful year ahead!

Roy Goffer
Roy Goffer
Director of Marketing at Continuity Software and an internet and technology enthusiast.

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