Gil Hecht

Gil Hecht is the founder and CEO of Continuity Software. Previously, Gil was the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Savantis Systems, the leading provider of database virtualization solutions, Gil was also the Vice President of Business Development at Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

The CISOs Guide to Storage & Backup Cyber Resiliency

CISOs rely on information from across the organization about security, particularly from the various IT departments. Unfortunately, the information being fed to CISOs about the state of cybersecurity risk is incomplete. There is a blind spot present – a gaping hole.

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Gartner Promotes the Need for Heightened Storage & Backup Security to Combat Ransomware

Gartner recently emphasized the need for much stricter security in a recent report. Gartner analyst Julia Palmer focused on emerging innovative storage and data protection technologies.

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Image of 2022 predictions

4 Predictions for storage and backup security in 2022

Cyberstorage gained more attention in the media in 2021 with the rise in data storage hacks, ransomware attacks, and cases of immutable storage erased. As these

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Gartner Shines a Light on Storage Security

In October 2021, Gartner published its “Innovation Insight for Cyberstorage Solutions to Protect Unstructured Data Against Ransomware.” We were thrilled to see the authors shine a light on the need to put active defenses around a company’s most valuable asset – the data it houses in storage and backup systems.

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Making the Holiday Shopping Operation Work

Once, Santa’s job was easy. The advancement of technology allows kids today to get almost anything they wish from any place on the globe. But with the increasing operational complexity, what should retailers and IT do to make sure kids aren’t left disappointed?

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One-Click Resiliency Snapshot Report

Meet the One-Click Resiliency Snapshot Report

New reporting capabilities provide IT executives with immediate visibility to downtime and data loss risks. Learn about this latest innovation.

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The Season of IT Forgiveness, and How to Avoid It

Depending on the faith, the Season of Forgiveness varies between different times of year. But it appears that July was the month of sin and salvation after thousands of Etsy merchants had to apologize to their customers due to a glitch in the Worldpay payment system.

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ITOA Coming of Age

Analytics have become an inseparable part of our day-to-day lives with weather forecast and navigation systems. What’s making analytics so powerful and useful is the evolution from descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics. Learn how it is also becoming an indispensable part the IT Operations tool set.

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Why Do Infrastructure People Get Fired?

“No one ever got fired for buying IBM”. Doesn’t this old slogan make you think what makes IT infrastructure people get fired? Click through and find out what we think.

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Business Continuity Report

The One Report Every Business Continuity Manager is Asking For

What would the report that every IT infrastructure and business continuity manager include? Check out this sample report and learn how you can get important information such as business services at risk, replication status, configuration gaps, and IT response time in one single report.

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