One-Click Resiliency Snapshot Report
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Meet the One-Click Resiliency Snapshot Report

  • October 31, 2016
  • 2 min read

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The new Snapshot Report, Continuity Software’s latest innovation helps IT executives better manage and control infrastructure resiliency with an unprecedented level of visibility to IT downtime and data loss risks. The one-click report is the first-of-a-kind to provide IT executives with a quick up-to-date view of infrastructure resiliency, equipping the organization with a powerful tool to ensure a higher level of service availability. The new technology is being rolled out with AvailabilityGuard 7.2 to all of our customers worldwide.

Know What Jeopardizes Your Resiliency in a Snap

AvailabilityGuard automatically scans all layers of the infrastructure and analyzes the findings against a knowledge base of over 6,000 best practices and vendor recommendations. It detects configuration issues and single points of failure that can lead to service disruptions, alerting the appropriate team to take corrective action before the business is impacted.

1-click healthcheck reportAvailabilityGuard’s One-Click Resiliency Snapshot Report

The Resiliency Snapshot Report highlights risks and single points of failure across multiple IT domains and allows to improve the IT operations and resiliency:

  • Ensure best practices and vendor recommendations are followed: with an ever-expanding infrastructure environment and an increasingly diverse vendor landscape, IT teams are challenged to keep up with industry best-practices and ensure that all configuration options are consistently aligned with vendor recommendations. The new Snapshot Report provides IT executives with an up-to-date status of best-practices alignment throughout the organization, enabling tighter management oversight and control.
  • Better manage IT resources: with an easy-to-digest yet comprehensive view of downtime and data loss risks across all infrastructure domains, IT executives can make smarter decisions allocating resources and attention to areas that pose the greatest risk to IT service availability and reliability.
  • Proactively prevent IT outages: with dozens of configuration changes taking place daily throughout the infrastructure, the new report allows IT executives and team leaders to keep their fingers on the pulse and proactively address any newly-detected vulnerabilities before they turn into an outage or service disruption.

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