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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis #1: Replication Inconsistencies

by Yaniv Valik SR DR Specialist, DR Assurance Team Doron’s recent post about the different types of risks that occur when configuration gaps are created got

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What is Configuration Drift?

Configuration drift is a data center environment term. At a high level, configuration drift happens when production or primary hardware and software infrastructure configurations “drift” or become different in some way from a recovery or secondary configuration or visa versa. Production or primary and recovery or secondary configurations are designed to be identical in certain aspects is order for business resumption should there be a disaster or major failure in production. When these infrastructure configurations drift from another, they leave a gap between them which commonly called a configuration gap.

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Think that little config change is minor? Think again.

by Doron Pinhas, VP, Field Operations I recently wrote about the limitations of DR testing, but IT organizations also need to pay careful attention to the

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HA Gap: What can happen when cluster passive nodes have no/partial access to cluster storage volumes

By Yaniv Valik, SR DR Specialist, DR Assurance Team One of the most common gaps in clustered environments relates to passive nodes getting out of sync

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A cautionary note on replicating temporary databases and page files

by Yaniv Valik SR DR Specialist, DR Assurance Team We recently encountered an interesting infrastructure problem on a customer site. Since this may be relevant to

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Defining Data Protection Terms

By Doron Pinhas Vice President, Field Operations There seems to be some confusion with the terminologies being used today around data protection. I hear many people talk about

Data Loss Prevention

Why DR testing doesn’t work

by Doron Pinhas VP, Field Operations When it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity, there’s an elephant in the room that a lot of people

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