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    Security Advisory

    Dell EMC Data Protection Central: New Critical Vulnerabilities

    Learn about a new critical security alert from Dell EMC published *today* for the Data Protection Central product

    Baseline Security

    CS Dell EMC PowerMax Benchmark | CS Dell EMC VMAX Benchmark

    CS Storage Benchmark Series: Our security technical implementation guide for Dell EMC VMAX storage systems, Dell EMC PowerMax storage systems and their storage management hosts.

    Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready for the Next Metallic Balloon
    IT Resilience

    Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready for the Next Metallic Balloon?

    A metallic balloon caused a power outage in Hawaii last month. A service disruption, which for global enterprises could have an enormous cost. In the age of the Cloud, there is no excuse for a local outage to bring down an essential service. So how come in reality outages still disrupt services more often than one would expect?

    Telecom service availability
    IT Resilience

    How Mobile Operators Can Ensure Service Availability

    With the rapid growth of smartphone usage and the technological improvement, mobile operators are facing a real challenge to provide continuous service to their subscribers. When each service disruption can affect millions of users, what can mobile service providers do to minimize the risk of a network outage?

    airline outages
    IT Resilience

    What Can Airlines Learn From Banks and Insurers?

    Airline system outages have recently caused dismay to thousands of travelers and tarnished reputations of several major US airlines. The causes are associated with the airlines’ complex, multi-layered systems but also human blunders. Keeping airline schedules on time calls for automated testing solutions capable of identifying critical issues in real time.

    banking ATM system outage
    Financial Services

    Are Banking Outages Inevitable?

    Banking customers expect ever-increasing online service quality with the latest and greatest technology. However, keeping up with technology and constantly upgrading systems makes banks vulnerable to risks that can cause service outages. The way forward lies in automation.

    IT Resilience

    A Four Point Strategy for Tackling IT Emergencies

    IT outages are occasionally caused by natural disasters or other unusual incidents, but most IT outages have far more mundane roots that are often avoidable when the right strategy and process are put in place. Read about a four point strategy for sailing through your next unexpected incident.

    IT Resilience

    Service Outages: The Way Forward

    Service outages are no laughing matter. They are every IT department’s worst nightmare, with a potential to inflict a heavy toll on an organization’s bottom line. This article discusses the main causes and possible solution to be one step ahead.

    Data Loss Prevention

    The Real Reason Airline (and other) Systems Go Down

    Delta this week. Southwest last month. Jet Blue back in May. Which airline is next to suffer a major outage? Read more.

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