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Catch My Drift? How To Easily Manage Configuration Drift In Your Storage & Backup Systems 

Configuration drift happens when the configurations of storage & backup systems and software deviate from a baseline or standard configuration over time. When this happens, it

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Backup Blog Bites #5: Building a Solid Backup Asset Inventory

Given the importance of backup and recovery systems in any organization, maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of all backup infrastructure is critical.  A general-purpose inventory

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Backup Blog Bites #4: How To Validate The Configuration Of Your Immutable Backups

The integration between backup software and a disk array is crucial for implementing immutable backups. To achieve backup immutability, the backup software needs to leverage the

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Backup Blog Bites #3: The Backup Immutability Do’s & Don’ts Checklist 

Since backups are becoming lucrative targets for cybercriminals, vendors like Cohesity, Commvault, Dell, Rubrik, Veeam and Veritas have responded with new ransomware protection features – including immutability. 

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Storage & Backups Under Attack. This Is What To Do About It

Over the past few months there has been a significant increase in publicized attacks on storage & backup systems, e.g. You can read more about these

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Backup Blog Bites #2: To AD Or Not To AD Your Backup System? That Is The Question 

When it comes to backups, there’s an interesting debate as to whether you should connect your backup systems to Active Directory (AD) or not, and for

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Backup Blog Bites #1: Is Your Immutable Backup Vulnerable to Time Spoofing Attacks?

What this is about?  This time-based attack happens when an attacker manipulates insufficiently-secure time sync configuration to trick the backup systems into thinking that “X” number

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After The Johnson Controls Ransomware Attack, Here’s An 8-Point Security Checklist For Your Backups

On September 27th, Johnson Controls International announced a massive ransomware attack, that encrypted many of the company devices, including VMware ESXi servers. This impacted the company’s

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Don’t Rely On Immutable Backup For Protection Against Ransomware

StorageGuard plays a critical role in your cyber resiliency strategy, by helping you increase usage & adoption of your existing data protection tools – and subsequently get more out of your current investment.

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To Fight Ransomware, We Need to Fill The Cultural Gap

In the past two years, cybercriminals have become increasingly skillful at destroying the organizational backup first, only then locking the data – leaving victims no choice but to pay the ransom. Given how long this trend has been around, and the devastating impact of a successful attack, one would expect organizations would get things under control by now. If anything, the situation is worsening.

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