Storage Security Risk Assessment

More visibility, fewer blind spots

Get some peace of mind that your storage and backup systems can withstand ransomware and other attacks targeting your data – with this one-time assessment.

We understand storage. We understand backup. And this assessment will give you complete visibility of your storage blind spots.

Storage Security Risk Assessment

Powered by StorageGuard

This one-time risk assessment will help you better protect your core data and enable you to make more informed decisions. Here’s how it works:

  • Your storage lab environment will be scanned and analyzed by StorageGuard.
  • Stress-free: The one-time collection of configuration data is performed using agent-less scan technology
  • The scan scope includes multiple vendors and models including Dell EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, IBM, Cisco, Brocade, and Infinidat
  • A report will detail any risks identified and include the corrective steps for remediation

The State of Storage Security Report

In the first of its kind, a new research report that provides an analysis of the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations of enterprise storage systems.

This includes inputs from a large number of storage risk assessments, to provide a unique insight into the state of storage security.

“Securing central storage is an area that I personally have been harping on about quite a bit, and I’ve been telling people that just aren’t aware of how much risk exits in storage environments. It’s your responsibility. You, the CISO, have the take some responsibility here. I get really emphatic about it. And then I just give them a few of the horror stories.”

Dick Wilkinson

Dick Wilkinson

Former CISO

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It’s time to automate the secure configuration of your storage & backup systems.

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