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Continuity Software Partners with INFINIDAT to Deliver Enhanced Storage Availability and Efficiency

New York, NY –June 28, 2016Continuity Software™, the leading provider of IT Operations Analytics for infrastructure outage prevention announced today a partnership with INFINIDAT, a top tier enterprise data storage solution provider, to deliver enhanced storage availability and efficiency.

Continuity’s partnership with INFINIDAT enables organizations that have deployed INFINIDAT’s InfiniBox enterprise storage solution to integrate Continuity’s AvailabilityGuard software to perform ongoing IT infrastructure service and data loss risk detection, providing an additional layer of protection to INFINIDAT’s already-robust storage and data availability capabilities.

The performance and reliability of information systems has become critical to business, however organizations face challenges keeping their IT environments free of outages, data loss incidents, and service disruptions. Continuity Software helps organizations ensure their IT infrastructure is configured correctly to meet the organization’s service availability goals. Continuity’s AvailabilityGuard software automatically scans all layers of the infrastructure and analyzes it against a knowledge base of over 6,000 best practices and vendor recommendations. It detects configuration issues and single points of failure that can lead to service disruptions, alerting the appropriate team to take corrective action before they impact the business. AvailabilityGuard also allows organizations to identify and eliminate potential storage configuration vulnerabilities, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of downtime and data loss.

Benefits to customers include:

  • Automated detection and mapping of InfiniBox storage arrays and their configuration;
  • Automated detection of deviations from INFINIDAT best practices and vendor recommendations;
  • Automated detection of any configuration conflicts with other layers of the infrastructure, including servers, databases, and virtualization;
  • Automated analysis of replication and mirroring, including detection of partial replication, replication inconsistencies, and incorrect alignment; and
  • Analysis of actual RPO metrics versus goals.

The INFINIDAT InfiniBox storage solution delivers advanced, high performance enterprise-class storage at a disruptive price point. InfiniBox offers mainframe-class reliability with an unprecedented 99.99999% availability, while delivering up to 1M IOPs of performance, microsecond latency, 12.5 GB/s of throughput and over 2.7 PB of usable storage capacity in a single 19-inch/42U rack. Reliability features include end-to-end data protection; triple redundant power and data paths; snapshots and replication; and hot swap upgrades. InfiniBox storage arrays are also extremely power-efficient, drawing a maximum of between 3-8KW at a full load. By providing multi-petabyte capacity in a single rack, along with continuous data protection and rich storage automation, INFINIDAT is changing the paradigm of storage efficiency and productivity while dramatically reducing operational overhead, complexity and cost. Customers experience an extremely low total cost of ownership.

“As data volumes increase exponentially, organizations seek a reliable solution that will support their growth and enable them to leverage their information to achieve a greater competitive advantage,” said Jacob Broido, chief product officer at INFINIDAT. “INFINIDAT customers enjoy the promise of 99.99999% storage availability and the synergy between Continuity’s solution and InfiniBox allows them to expand this superb uptime to entire IT value chain of applications, servers, networking and storage.”

“We are excited to be partnering with INFINIDAT, a company who shares many of the same goals as our own, said Doron Pinhas, CTO of Continuity Software. “With the frequency of infrastructure outages increasing, IT operations analytics have become a critical component in proactively identifying and eliminating single points-of-failure across major IT infrastructure systems.”[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Companies who acquire, store and analyze the most data, achieve the greatest competitive advantage. INFINIDAT helps clients achieve competitive business advantage at a disruptive price point by delivering 1M IOPs of performance, 99.99999% reliability and over 2.7 PBs of capacity in a single rack. Automated provisioning, management, and application integration provide a system that is incredibly efficient and easy to deploy and manage. INFINIDAT is changing the paradigm of enterprise storage while reducing capital requirements, operational overhead, and complexity. INFINIDAT: Storing the Future. For more information on INFINIDAT and its next-generation enterprise storage products, visit INFINIDAT.com

About Continuity Software

Continuity Software is helping the world’s leading organizations prevent unplanned IT outages. The award-winning AvailabilityGuard software enables IT teams to proactively identify and mitigate downtime and data-loss risks across the entire infrastructure—including high availability, cloud, and disaster recovery environments (DR). Using AvailabilityGuard’s advanced IT operations analytics to pinpoint and eliminate potential failures before they impact the business, organizations are able to deliver the highest levels of IT service availability while improving operational efficiency.

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