Vulnerability management for storage

Your data isn’t secure, unless your storage is

With the rising threat of ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks, we provide the industry’s ONLY storage security solution. This protects your most valuable data – on-premises and in the cloud

Respected Brands Trust Continuity™


When a hacker gets control of a desktop, the damage is minimal.
But when a hacker gets control of your storage, they have access to ALL THE DATA!

StorageGuard brings the industry’s ONLY vulnerability management solution for your storage systems, helping you protect your data.

  • Visibility. For the first time, you can understand vulnerabilities and eliminate blind spots in your storage & backup systems
  • Prioritization. Act upon your most urgent vulnerabilities, where you’re most at risk 
  • Protection. Ensure all your storage & backup systems can withstand ransomware and other attacks, to prevent data loss
  • Compliance. Guarantee storage & backup systems are compliant with security regulations and standards 

How does it work?


Continuously scans and analyses your data storage systems, to automatically detect security risks.


Prioritizes those risks in order of urgency and business impact.


Provides clear recommendations to your security teams for repairing those risks.


Facilitates automatic remediation, freeing up your time to focus on other key initiatives.

What’s our secret sauce?

  1. We are the ONLY company that can scan storage & backup systems for security vulnerabilities & misconfigurations.
  2. We have built the most comprehensive Knowledge Base of security risks & best practices for enterprise storage & backup environments.

Storage Cyber Resiliency Assessment

  • Assess your storage & backup cyber resiliency – with this 2-minute assessment.
  • Receive a maturity score and practical recommendations, to help you build a cyber resiliency plan for your storage & backup.

NIST Guide for Storage Security

Download the recently published NIST Guide for Storage Security – co-authored by Continuity™.

This guide provides CISOs and Heads of Storage with an overview of the evolution of the storage technology landscape, current security threats, and a set of practical recommendations.

Our Awards 2021

Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups 2021

Data Security Solution of the Year

"Attackers are looking for identities and they're looking for your backups, to keep you from recovering. So you need to have governance and an active program to secure your storage and backup layers”

Marc Ashworth


“The hackers are after our data. In a bank, data is money. This is why I’m a big believer in securing the storage layer.”

Erdal Ozkaya

Erdal Ozkaya

Former CISO

"Storage is where our core data is stored. And so, vulnerability management, configuration management, and ensuring a strong policy around the governance of all storage devices are absolutely critical."


Sunil Varkey


See StorageGuard in Action

Watch a 40-second tour of StorageGuard, and discover how to eliminate blind spots in your storage & backup systems.

Watch the demo
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