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Ensuring Cyber Resiliency with AvailabilityGuard

Downtime and data loss are no longer acceptable. Now’s the time to significantly reduce the chances of downtime and data loss events, while guaranteeing recoverability – in case these events do take place.

It is extremely challenging to maintain all components that are involved in the resilience of modern applications, while ensuring compliance with industry and vendor best practices, at the same time as keeping your RPO and RTO targets. Which is why we built an automated, purpose-built solution, to help you avoid downtime and data loss, while adhering to regulatory and industry standards like DORA, NIST, ISO, PCI, CISA, and more.

AvailabilityGuard verifies the configuration of all elements that participate in cyber resiliency and data protection


Define, measure and enforce your cyber resilience SLAs. This includes KPIs for data protection & service availability, data copies (i.e., how many, where are they stored, what frequency, immutability, data access) and Service Availability (i.e., local failover option and RTO boundaries)


Risk detection and remediation guidelines, covering vendor best practice validation for all infrastructure layers, with the ability to customize, so you can automate your own baseline compliance


Track infrastructure configuration changes and identify configuration drift

Key Features:

  • CMDB – active collection of all key components that participate in resilience
  • Verification of thousands of vendor & industry best practices (out of the box), and custom baselines
  • Configuration comparison with other systems, gold standard and history
  • SLA management

Use Cases

Production High Availability

AvailabilityGuard guarantees:

  • Data is well-protected for local availability (e.g., replication/mirroring between availability zones in AWS or between ESX or clusters in private cloud)
  • Following VMware/AWS stretch cluster best practices

Disaster Readiness

AvailabilityGuard guarantees:

  • Data is well protected for disaster recovery (e.g., well-configured replication between regions in AWS, immutable point-in-time copies for cyber recovery)
  • Infrastructure is well configured for disaster recovery (e.g., DR cluster exists, well-configured SRM protection groups, vSphere/other replication, RPOs match requirements, VCS well configured, etc.)


Continuous feedback loop for your Engineering & IT Operations teams (learn from mistakes before production impact and avoid mistake recurrence)

Prove to external auditors that you’re in compliance with cyber resilience SLAs to prove the right level of data protection and recoverability, as well as the right failover capacity

Validate cyber resilience after every change (Automated quality assurance)

Single source of truth for other systems, including scanning databases, OS, multi-cloud, and storage, as well as configuration history

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