The unspoken gaps - Data storage security and cyber resilience

Join our VP Product, Yaniv Valik, and our Head of Marketing Iris Zarecki, as they uncover some unspoken gaps in your cyber resilience strategy.

Enterprise keep masses of critical business data in storage systems, file servers and cloud storage. Misconfigurations at the data system level can result in terabytes of sensitive data becoming vulnerable to attackers. Unlike OS and network hardening, data storage security has been, by and large, neglected.

Given that an attack is a matter of when, not if: How can we ensure that core data storage systems are hardened and effectively impenetrable?

Listen to the recorded webinar to learn about:

  • Uncovering hidden security risks to critical data storage systems
  • How a compromised storage system can lead to multi-system failure
  • What you can do today to prevent that

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