AvailabilityGuard NXG™ for Public Cloud

Prevent Outages and Data Loss Incidents in Your Public Cloud Environments


The goal of assuring resilience in a multi-cloud environments is becoming ever-more complex and difficult.

Cloud environments are the new normal and many enterprises use multiple clouds.

Clear cloud advantages: Simplicity and speed. It’s easier than ever to set up, grow and manage environments, develop applications, and deliver services.

Challenges: Complex, complicated-to-maintain environments. Contributing to complexity are: multi-layered and interconnected technology; new features and capabilities released into the environment daily by the cloud provider; ever-evolving sets of vendor and industry best practices; and, multiple, assorted IT teams that work separately from one another. All these factors introduce misconfigurations into environments that can harm resilience.

Resilience goals: Detect threats to availability in complex cloud environments before they take place. The large volume of ongoing changes makes manual identification of resilience risks impossible; likewise, it is unfeasible to test the stability and quality of each change.

FYI…: The enterprise, not the cloud provider, is responsible for assuring the availability needed for the environment to be resilient.

The solution: AvailabilityGuard NXG™ for Public Cloud – automatically and proactively detects risks and misconfigurations across all environment layers. It runs analyses against a knowledge base of hundreds (and growing) of vendor, industry and power-user best practices. Problems are pinpointed, enabling their repair before they harm operations. Machine learning algorithms provide fine-grained visibility into the environment. DevOps teams can rapidly validate resilience.

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Key Solution Benefits

  • Prevent outages and data-loss incidents for public cloud environments before they impact business
  • Proactive resilience validation as part of a modern CI/CD pipeline
  • Facilitate automated self-healing to achieve greater reliability and decrease operational costs

AvailabilityGuard NXG™

The AvailabilityGuard NXG
Dashboard & Reports

Clear incident reports generated by the solution as well as the clear, intuitive and drill-down-enabled dashboard allow IT executives and team leaders to keep their finger on the pulse of multiple and geographically dispersed cloud environments. Reports and screens provide immediate visibility into risks to availability, and of service disruption, outage and data loss throughout the enterprise’s entire IT cloud infrastructures, along with the potential impact each risk may have on critical business services.

One click from the dashboard accesses a range of detailed information about the cloud environment’s health.

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