Coral™ for Public Cloud

The goal of assuring reliability and data protection in multi-cloud environments is becoming ever more complex and difficult

Cloud environments are the new normal. Many enterprises use multiple clouds.

Clear cloud advantages

Simplicity and speed. It’s easier than ever to set up, grow and manage environments, develop applications, and deliver services. Many organizations have moved at least a portion of their operations to the public cloud.


Environments are complex and complicated-to-maintain. Contributing to complexity are: multi-layered and interconnected technology; new features and services released into the environment daily by cloud providers; ever-evolving sets of vendor and industry best practices; and, multiple, assorted DevOps and development teams maintaining your infrastructure, often not knowing what changes others have made. All these factors introduce misconfigurations and risks into environments that mainly impact reliability and security.

Reliability and data protection goals

Businesses need to detect threats to availability in complex cloud environments before they occur; to protect data before it is lost, damaged, stolen, or unrecoverable; and, to assure best practices issued by relevant diverse parties are followed. 

The large volume of ongoing changes makes manual identification of risks and misconfigurations impossible. At the same time, it is unfeasible to test and validate the stability and quality of each of the many changes.

In the public cloud, who’s responsible for your reliability and security?  

Companies whose infrastructure resides on the public cloud have an advantage. Cloud providers contribute to assuring reliability and security by maintaining infrastructure and services and providing guidelines and best practices. But, at best, they are “sharing the responsibility.” When it comes down to it, the responsibility lies with the enterprise, not the cloud provider, to architect, assemble, configure and operate the environment properly and handle daily issues of availability and security.

The solutionCoral™ for Public Cloud

The solution automatically and proactively detects risks and misconfigurations across all environment layers. It runs analyses against a proprietary knowledge base of hundreds (and growing) of best practices from vendors, the industry, power-users, and cloud providers (e.g., the AWS Well-Architected Framework). Problems are pinpointed and remediated by following the solution’s clear guidelines, before they can harm operations. 

The solution’s machine learning algorithms and crowd (professional community) knowledge provide fine-grained visibility into the environment. Its automated self-healing makes maintaining a reliable and secured environment simpler. 

DevOps and development teams can spend their time on development rather than on firefighting. Managers can focus on growth without worrying about the reliability and data-security of apps and services.

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