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Swisscom Deploys Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard to Increase Stability and Quality of Critical IT Infrastructure

Proactive configuration validation enables Swisscom to meet the highest resilience goals and prevent costly outages


New York, NY (May 16, 2018) – Continuity Software, the leading provider of proactive IT resilience assurance solutions, announced that Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom company, has implemented AvailabilityGuardTM, to increase the stability and quality of Swisscom’s critical IT infrastructure and to prevent costly outages.

Continuity Software helps leading organizations around the world – including many of the world’s largest telecom providers, banks, insurance companies and airlines – meet their IT resilience goals and ensure the highest levels of availability.

The AvailabilityGuard deployment at Swisscom began with the company’s critical SAP production environment, which is based on Dell EMC VxBlock converged infrastructure.

Describing the complexity of modern IT infrastructure, Peter Messer, Head of Cloud Infrastructure Provider at Swisscom said that, “Even new systems can be incorrectly configured and harbor points of failure which won’t be discovered until there’s a problem. Add to that the steady stream of changes, updates and tweaks made by in-house and third party IT teams and you understand that maintaining the highest levels of IT resilience gets harder day-by-day. And, clearly, you want to prevent outages because they’re so costly on many levels.”

To address this massive challenge, the AvailabilityGuard solution correlates and analyzes configuration data from all IT infrastructure layers. Using a built-in knowledge base of over 7,000 best practices and vendor recommendations, AvailabilityGuard proactively detects single-points-of-failure and misconfigurations that can lead to downtime or data loss incidents. The solution then alerts the appropriate teams and provides them with a protocol for corrective action to take before the business is impacted. IT teams schedule AvailabilityGuard to run daily in order to stay ahead of failures and outages.

Referring to Swisscom’s motivation behind implementing AvailabilityGuard, Stephan Haeusler, Team Leader of System & Application Operations, Converged Platforms, said, “Actually, for years, we had been looking for a tool that would proactively find misconfigurations and errors. We liked Continuity Software’s approach because their solution is vendor-agnostic and is based on what I’ve come to think of as their secret weapon – a huge knowledge base of technology vendors’ best practices that also contains input from the user community. This is unique in the field.”

Gil Asherie, Vice President of Sales at Continuity Software, added, “We are delighted that Swisscom has joined our family of customers. The company is respected worldwide for maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of its business. We are honored to be helping Swisscom achieve ever-higher levels of resilience and availability on their critical IT infrastructure.”

To learn more, you can view the full case study here.

About Continuity Software

Founded in 2005, Continuity Software helps the world’s leading organizations, including 6 of the top 10 US banks, to achieve resilience for their hybrid IT environments. Created by a team of IT and data protection experts, our solutions proactively prevent outages and data loss incidents on critical IT infrastructure. As a result, unplanned infrastructure outages are reduced by an average of 80% and configuration errors are resolved before they turn into costly service incidents.

About Swisscom

Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom company and one of its leading IT companies, is headquartered in Worblaufen, close to the capital city, Berne. Swisscom’s international activities are concentrated mainly in Italy, where its subsidiary Fastweb is one of the biggest broadband providers. More than 20,000 employees generated sales of around CHF 11.7 billion (2017) with CHF 2.88 billion posted in the 1st quarter 2018. Swisscom is one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe.


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