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Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard Now Offers Enhanced Support for Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Customers

Additional support will strengthen risk detection and improve capabilities for Cisco UCS Blade Servers environment, providing value to virtually every UCS customer worldwide


­­­­­­New York, NY –December 11, 2017 – Continuity Software™, the leading provider of IT Resilience & Service Availability Assurance for infrastructure outage and data loss prevention, announced today new and enhanced operational capabilities for Cisco UCS customers. These capabilities are included in the new edition of AvailabilityGuard, version 7.2.3, released early last week.


With the new version, AvailabilityGuard will be able to identify the latest risks unique to Cisco UCS environments and give organizations the ability to visualize the UCS environment (chassis, blades, internal networking, and service profiles) to see how it connects to the rest of the IT environment, as well as what workloads it runs.  The new version will also allow organizations to continually validate that the environment is correctly configured, making sure that:


  1. Cisco’s best practices for maximum redundancy and resiliency are met
  2. No single points of failure are introduced, either at the infrastructure level or in the way virtual workloads are configured (e.g., profiles correctly guarantee blades are using redundant fabrics, physical clusters are well distributed between each chassis, virtual machine affinity rules are correctly designed and implemented, and much more)
  3. The experiences of dozens of real-world UCS users are incorporated


“We are pleased to be able to provide Cisco UCS customers with superior risk detection,” said Gil Hecht, CEO of Continuity Software. “As the platform has continued to grow, we’ve seen a great demand for these new capabilities and have decided to invest significant resources into enhancing our product to ensure our customers avoid downtime. This new offering will allow us to provide the right service to virtually every enterprise worldwide.”


The latest version of AvailabilityGuard will also incorporate several new updates including additional support for RedHat High Availability, improved control and validation of active-active storage systems, such as EMC VPLEX, HDS G series, IBM SVC along with new platform support of Dell EMC Unity, reducing the risks of downtime. Together, these new updates will expand Continuity’s already comprehensive support for HP and Cisco blade systems.


About Continuity Software

Continuity Software is a leader in IT Resilience & Service Availability Assurance. Continuity Software’s award-winning solution enables IT teams to proactively prevent infrastructure outages and data loss incidents. Taking a proactive approach to early detection of IT resiliency risks, allows our customers to mitigate risk by remediation of configuration errors and deviation from policies before they turn into

actual costly service incidents


For additional information, please visit https://www.continuitysoftware.com, email: info@continuitysoftware.com, or call: +1-888-782-8170 (United States) or +972(3)6470888 (Israel).


About Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®)

Generic servers run generic businesses but digital transformation demands more: it requires critical applications to be delivered with industry-leading performance, availability, and security. Cisco created a revolutionary computing architecture designed for IT innovation and business acceleration. Cisco UCS isn’t just a server; it’s a radically simplified solution for advanced application performance, increased operational velocity, and superior economics.

Media Contact:

Jordana Wolf

General Manager NY- GKPR




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