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Cellcom Selects Continuity Software to Ensure Data Protection and Disaster Recovery (DR) Capabilities

Leading Cellular Communications Operator Deploys RecoverGuard Solution to Ensure Continuity of Service to 2.9 Million Subscribers

Boston, MA and Tel Aviv, Israel (October 29, 2007) – Continuity Software™, a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) solutions, today announced that Cellcom (NYSE: CEL), a leading cellular communications operator in Israel, serving over 2.9 million subscribers, has deployed a Continuity Software RecoverGuard™ software solution to support its data protection, disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity initiatives.

As a result of Cellcom’s recent rapid growth, its infrastructure had become extremely complex, with intricate interdependencies between its business services, business protection requirements and multitude of applications.

“Due to the rapid growth of our infrastructure, we needed the ability to conduct all of the tests necessary on our data protection infrastructure, in a completely automatic and transparent fashion,” said Arie Dery, IT Infrastructure Department Manager, Cellcom. “After careful review of alternative vendors and technology solutions, Continuity Software RecoverGuard emerged as the best-of-breed solution able to meet our requirements.”

Within the first day of deployment, RecoverGuard automatically scanned the Cellcom IT infrastructure, collecting data from storage assets, servers and databases. Using its patent pending detection technology, RecoverGuard quickly found configuration gaps in the infrastructure of varying types and severities. Issues were resolved in order of importance. The RecoverGuard solution is now configured to continuously scan the infrastructure to ensure ongoing protection against newly created vulnerabilities.

“The RecoverGuard technology also helped us to identify infrastructure optimization opportunities, including multiple terabytes of high-end storage no longer in use, which we have been able to reclaim and now utilize for business critical applications,” added Dery. “Whenever a milestone was achieved in this migration project, we would simply check the RecoverGuard diagnosis to confirm all assets were configured properly and recoverability was ensured.”

Other improvement opportunities have included bandwidth utilization reduction as a result of fine tuning the replication configuration and elimination of non-production data replication between datacenters.

“To support its long lasting reputation for service availability and to protect its customers’ assets, Cellcom had invested significant efforts and resources in its data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives. As a result, its infrastructure was exceptionally well architected and managed, with a level of awareness that was remarkably high,” said Gil Hecht, Founder and CEO, Continuity Software. “With RecoverGuard, Cellcom has been able to further improve its data protection preparedness and can now confidently validate that its IT infrastructure is able to meet its business protection goals.” He continued, “What is more, Cellcom can now fully optimize its infrastructure and data protection resources, allowing for dramatic operational and capital expenditure savings.”

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Founded in 2005, Continuity Software, Inc is the leading provider of Business Continuity management software. Our flagship product, RecoverGuard™, is the first Business Continuity monitoring solution which empowers customers to effectively manage Business Continuity implementations, ensure their critical business data is protected, and maintain Business Continuity SLA. For more information, please visit www.ContinuitySoftware.com

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