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Dell StorageGuard

Continuity is an official Dell Technologies partner – helping secure the storage and data protection systems of leading Dell customers

Storage and backups are becoming prime targets of cybercriminals as they attempt to infiltrate the enterprise. 

It’s not just ransomware that’s top of mind for enterprises. Auditors and cyber insurance firms are now taking a much closer look at the security of storage & backup systems, as well as regulatory bodies and industry standards, like NIST and ISO.  

Dell customers can now add Continuity’s flagship product, StorageGuard, to keep all storage and data protection systems secure and compliant. 

Can You Recover From A Ransomware Attack?

  • Find out in this 2-minute Ransomware Resiliency Assessment for Storage & Backups.
  • Receive a maturity score and practical recommendations, to help you protect your data, and ensure recoverability.

StorageGuard enables Dell customers to have complete visibility of all security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in their storage and data protection environment, while hardening these critical systems and guaranteeing compliance with security regulations and industry standards.

Harden your Dell storage and data protection systems, to improve your security posture, enable cyber-resiliency, and meet IT audit requirements


Automatically detect security misconfigurations and vulnerabilities


Prioritize security risks in order of urgency and business impact


Fix issues quickly with clear security remediation commands and guidance

Talk To An Expert

Get in touch to see how you can detect, prioritize, and fix all security risks in your storage & backup systems.

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