On-Demand Virtual Panel: CISOs Guide to Ransomware-Proofing Storage, Backup & Data Recovery

“93% of cyberattacks target backup storage to force ransom payment, and are successful in debilitating their victims’ ability to recover in 75% of those events.”

Cyber criminals realize that an attack on the storage or data protection environment is the biggest determining factor to show if an organization will pay the ransom.

In this CISO Panel, our speakers will debate the new threats to storage & data protection systems, how adversaries abuse them, and steps CISOs can take to strengthen their security posture.

Topics of debate include:

  • With data under attack, what should organizations do to guarantee recovery
  • How concerned are Boards with the integrity, resiliency & recoverability of data
  • Do you see any changes in auditing and cyber insurance requirements
  • Best practices for addressing data protection & recovery ransomware threats


  • John Meakin, Former CISO at Standard Chartered, GlaxoSmithKline and Deutsche Bank
  • Jim Shook, Director – Cybersecurity and Compliance Practice at Dell Technologies
  • Joel Fulton, Former CISO at Symantec and Splunk
  • Doron Pinhas, Co-author of NIST ‘Security Guidelines for Storage Infrastructure
  • Marc Ashworth, CISO at First Bank





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