Data Loss Prevention

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    Data Loss Prevention

    The Season of IT Forgiveness, and How to Avoid It

    Depending on the faith, the Season of Forgiveness varies between different times of year. But it appears that July was the month of sin and salvation after thousands of Etsy merchants had to apologize to their customers due to a glitch in the Worldpay payment system.

    Data Loss Prevention

    The Real Reason Airline (and other) Systems Go Down

    Delta this week. Southwest last month. Jet Blue back in May. Which airline is next to suffer a major outage? Read more.

    IT operations analytics prevent outages
    Data Loss Prevention

    How to Prevent Outages with IT Analytics in 4 Steps

    How can your organization effectively use Analytics to optimize IT operations? How can it help you make more informed decisions? Most importantly, how can your company avoid preventable downtime and service disruptions? Here are four helpful steps to prevent outages with IT analytics.

    Software Defined Data Center
    Data Loss Prevention

    The Software-Defined Datacenter is Here (Sort of)

    Some experts view the Software-Defined Datacenter as a potential game-changer, but others believe it may take a few more years before it gets there. The preliminary results of our SDDC survey show that 35% are already working on or planning SDDC projects. Does it match your experience? Take the survey and let us know.

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    Data Loss Prevention

    Four Things You Need To Do Before Your Next Outage

    According to survey, over half of the companies had an outage in the past 3 months. Can you guess when your next outage will be? Here are four things you should do in order to avoid the next outage.

    Data Loss Prevention

    The Cost of Data Loss & Downtime to Enterprises

    The cost of downtime and data loss has increased by as much as 400% over the last two years. Enterprises are now losing $1.7 trillion per year.

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    Data Loss Prevention

    Another Hidden Downtime Risk That Can Come Back to Bite You

    Today’s Topic: Cluster Shared SAN Configuration Drift The most common way to share data between cluster nodes is through the use of multi-homed SAN storage. Inconsistent

    Data Loss Prevention

    The Vulnerability Index Benchmark

    Based on data gathered from 88 organizations worldwide, the Vulnerability Index Benchmark by Continuity Software provides a first of its kind measurement of downtime and data loss

    Data Loss Prevention

    4 Oracle DataGuard Recovery Risks

    [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Your company decided to replicate production Oracle databases to a remote DR site using Data Guard. The database administration crew set it up and made

    Take a Proactive Approach.
    Validate your IT and Cyber Resilience

    Prevent downtime, data-loss and cyber resilience risks in hybrid IT infrastructure

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