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Calling all Enterprises on AWS: Get a Free 14-Day Trial and Start on Your Road to IT Resilience in the AWS Cloud

  • February 19, 2020
  • 2 min read

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Just because your environment lives in the Amazon cloud it doesn’t mean that AWS is responsible for the resilience of your organization’s environment. You are. That means you must ensure your environment is misconfiguration-free and free of other single points of failure or errors.

Is your AWS environment susceptible to misconfigurations?

AWS makes it as simple as possible to build, deploy and scale your IT environment. Behind the scenes, though, there’s lots of complexity. Your environment is always changing: new apps, services and updates are constantly added by AWS; you add new services, solutions, upgrades, etc.; maintenance is ongoing; multiple, independent teams work on your systems.

It’s obvious that technology and services in the AWS cloud move forward all the time. This serves your and your customers’ needs for quick, uninterrupted access to your site, services, apps, etc. But, this dynamism and intensity of change often goes unchecked and can lead to misconfigurations that cause disruptions, unavailability, and outages too.

What can you do to prevent misconfigurations from disrupting your services?

Implement AvailabilityGuard NXG™ for AWS environments. We’ve developed a resilience solution for public cloud environments that addresses their particularities and detects risk-laden misconfigurations, enabling you to repair them before they occur.

AvailabilityGuard NXG continuously, automatically and proactively scans and analyzes the configurations throughout your entire AWS environment to prevent outages, data-loss and security breaches.

Test out AvailabilityGuard NXG for AWS with a free 14-day trial  

Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself through a free 14-day trial that requires minimal effort on your part and includes the support of one of our engineers. You gain access to the AvailabilityGuard NXG SaaS platform and can analyze up to 500 nodes. You’ll be able to review one key risk per category, swiftly repair it using our remediation guidance, and immediately improve resilience.

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It’s time to automate the secure configuration of your storage & backup systems.

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