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The CISOs Guide to Storage & Backup Cyber Resiliency

The CISOs Guide to Storage & Backup Cyber Resiliency

CISOs rely on information from across the organization about security, particularly from the various IT departments. Unfortunately, the information being fed to CISOs about the state…
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Are Your Backups Safe From Ransomware? Your 8-Point Checklist for Backup Security & Data Protection

The average cost of recovery from a ransomware attack has more than doubled in a year, according to a Sophos survey. The global report also shows

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Analyzing The Security of Dell EMC Storage & Backup Systems – Four Highlights

In the first of its kind, Continuity published a new report that provides an analysis of the vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations of enterprise storage & backup

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When, Why and How To Create A Secure Backup Strategy 

Introduction  When data is compromised, the last line of defense is your backup.  In the past year, the tactics being used by cybercriminals have changed. And

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Don’t rely on your Storage & Backup Vendors for Security

I hear this a lot:  “Why do I need to scan my storage & backup systems for security risks? Don’t my storage vendors already do this

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New Data Protection Methods and the Impact on Securing Storage & Backup

Written by CISOs, for CISOs This article provides highlights from our ‘CISO Point of View: The ever-changing role of data, and the implications for data protection

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CISO Point of View: Discover how other CISOs deal with the complexity of data protection and storage security

Data plays an increasingly important role in the modern enterprise. With digitization, data comes much closer to the customer – with large amounts of data being

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4 Predictions for storage and backup security in 2022

Cyberstorage gained more attention in the media in 2021 with the rise in data storage hacks, ransomware attacks, and cases of immutable storage erased. As these

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The most critical – and overlooked – security issues facing financial services

A few words about the author: John Meakin is a seasoned and experienced CISO with more than 30 years of experience in various financial services companies,

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Gartner Shines a Light on Storage Security

In October 2021, Gartner published its “Innovation Insight for Cyberstorage Solutions to Protect Unstructured Data Against Ransomware.” We were thrilled to see the authors shine a light on the need to put active defenses around a company’s most valuable asset – the data it houses in storage and backup systems.

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Storage & backup security in the financial services and banking sector – Highlights from the 2021 survey report

The financial industry is rightfully alarmed by the increase in both the amount and sophistication of data-centered attacks – primarily ransomware.  We’ve all read the news.

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