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Catch My Drift? How To Easily Manage Configuration Drift In Your Storage & Backup Systems 

Catch My Drift? How To Easily Manage Configuration Drift In Your Storage & Backup Systems 

Configuration drift happens when the configurations of storage & backup systems and software deviate from a baseline or standard configuration over time. When this happens, it
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Don’t Rely On Immutable Backup For Protection Against Ransomware

StorageGuard plays a critical role in your cyber resiliency strategy, by helping you increase usage & adoption of your existing data protection tools – and subsequently get more out of your current investment.

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To Fight Ransomware, We Need to Fill The Cultural Gap

In the past two years, cybercriminals have become increasingly skillful at destroying the organizational backup first, only then locking the data – leaving victims no choice but to pay the ransom. Given how long this trend has been around, and the devastating impact of a successful attack, one would expect organizations would get things under control by now. If anything, the situation is worsening.

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Continuity Joins Dell Technologies ETC Program to Help Protect Customers’ Storage and Data Protection Systems

The ETC Program underscores Dell’s commitment to offer customers flexibility and choice with complimentary solutions such as StorageGuard for protecting their critical systems from cyberattacks and insider threats.

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Best Practice Guide: Meeting Backup Requirements for Cyber Insurance Coverage

Cyber insurance provides a cushion to fall back on in a successful cyber-attack, providing coverage for damages caused by data loss.

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How To Demonstrate Backup Compliance. A Practical Guide

Compliance to industry standards and regulatory mandates can absorb a huge amount of time. Organizations need to verify they comply with the different requirements of security frameworks and regulations such as CIS, NIST, PCI DSS, ISO, and others.

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The CISOs Guide to Storage & Backup Cyber Resiliency

CISOs rely on information from across the organization about security, particularly from the various IT departments. Unfortunately, the information being fed to CISOs about the state of cybersecurity risk is incomplete. There is a blind spot present – a gaping hole.

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Top 4 Predictions for Storage and Backup Security in 2023

2022 clearly demonstrated that attacks on data represent the greatest cyber-threat organizations face. The attack pace not only continued, it accelerated.

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Gartner Promotes the Need for Heightened Storage & Backup Security to Combat Ransomware

Gartner recently emphasized the need for much stricter security in a recent report. Gartner analyst Julia Palmer focused on emerging innovative storage and data protection technologies.

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6 Steps to Ensure Compliance For Your Storage & Backup Systems

Here are just a few of the areas that must be considered to ensure thoroughness in verifying backup and storage compliance

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The Storage Manager’s Quick-Guide to Ransomware Resiliency (Part 2)

Why storage managers need to prepare for the ransomware scourge?

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