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In Less Than 1 Hour

Assess The Security Of Your Backup & Storage Environment

Ransomware gangs have wised up to the fact that robust backups take away their leverage. That’s why in a disturbing trend, we’re seeing ransomware directly target backup infrastructure & software to either delete backup repositories or steal data copies en masse.

When did you last check the security of these mission-critical systems?

In 1 hour, StorageGuard analyses the security configuration of your backup and storage systems, to ensure they’re secure, and compliant with regulations.

What’s in it for you:

  • Get visibility on all security misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and configuration drift issues – prioritized by risk level
  • Automatically fix these risks, or receive remediation guidelines & commands
  • Ensure compliance with security regulations and industry standards
  • Integrate findings with your existing IT service management tools (like ServiceNow)

Talk To An Expert

It’s time to automate the secure configuration of your storage & backup systems.

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