Preventing Outages onVMware vCenter SRM

You’ve surely invested a great deal of time and effort in building a disaster recovery solution for your VMware virtualized environment using vCenter Site Recovery Manager. But how confident are you that everything will work when you click that large “Fail-over” button?

What ensures you that your vCenter Site Recovery Manager was configured correctly so that the replication of your critical data and applications is consisted and complete?

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Best-Practice Validation

On a daily basis, AvailabilityGuard automatically verifies that your vCenter Site Recovery Manager is configured correctly and according to VMware best-practice. The solution automatically detects a wide range of issues and risks that pose a threat to your virtualized environment and to the integrity and recoverability of your data.

  • Placeholder datastore issues (lack of placeholder datastore, Placeholder inaccessible to ESXi hosts in the recovery site)
  • Virtual network BPs and recovery plan config
    • Incorrect or missing network mapping to protection group or VM (or other resources).
    • Network differences between local and remote site
  • Recovery Plans contains multiple group types (mixed mode recovery plan)
  • Suboptimal SRM version, SRM Server BPs
  • Identify key differences between Production and DR
    • SAN, I/OP Path and HBA analysis
      ESXi Server configuration comparison (options, networking, NTP, etc.)
  • Ensure ESXi servers at the recovery site are configured according to best-practices

VMware vCenter SRM and Virtual Machines

  • SRM Protection groups include all requires datastores (VM file system analysis, database datastore analysis, etc.)
  • VM dependency analysis (Database and Application Server, NFS/CIFS client and server, etc); ensure all required VMs will fail-over
  • Ensure correct startup order
  • Consistent / Correct VM Recovery Properties (Starup Action, Shutdown Action, IP Settings, Priority Groups, Pre/Post Power-on Steps, VM dependencies, tc.)

VMware Site Recovery Manager and Storage Systems

  • VMware SRM and storage vendor joint best practices (HDS, EMC, etc.)
  • Storage CG/DG and Protection group conflicts
  • Storage replication errors (bad state, RPO violation, mixed storage types)
  • NAS (NFS)/iSCSI/FC storage best practices
  • SRM-protected VMs using resources not managed by VI
  • Removable device BPs
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