Why do I need to secure my storage & backup?

Why are attackers now targeting storage & backup systems? I’m going to answer this question in this one-minute Video Bite.

Let me start with the good news: there’s been huge progress over the last two decades in increasing the security of the network, computer, and application layers.

But, here comes the bad news: security innovation for storage and backup remains low. While an attack on an endpoint or server can cause problems, one that targets storage or backup can be truly devastating. This is because an attack on a single storage array can bring down thousands of servers – and wipe out petabytes of data.

And do you ’know what else: Attackers can also destroy snapshots and backup. This can be done under the radar, without any alerts being triggered by Threat Intel or Data Loss Prevention tools.

So, it’s really not surprising that storage and backup are your last lines of defense against ransomware.

The good news is that properly hardened storage and backup will guarantee quick recovery.


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