Webinar: Best Practices to Secure Your Backup & Data Protection Environment


Ransomware gangs have wised up to the fact that robust backups take away their leverage. That’s why in a disturbing trend, we’re seeing ransomware directly target backup infrastructure & software to either delete backup repositories or steal data copies en masse.

A cybersecurity strategy is wholly inadequate if it doesn’t include precautions in safeguarding backup & data protection systems.

In this 30-minute, joint Dell-Continuity live event, discover:

  • The most critical security measures to harden your backup and data protection environments
  • How to improve your ransomware-readiness and create a solid last line of defense
  • Best practices and data protection strategies to effectively combat configuration drift and the threat of ransomware
  • Real-world scenarios and demos of solutions available today.


  • Jason Sweeney, Global Strategy Lead – Data Protection at Dell Technologies
  • Yaniv Valik, VP Product Management at Continuity
  • Doron Youngerwood, VP Marketing at Continuity
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