The Storage Security Handbook

With all the news around data storage hacks, ransomware attacks, and immutable storage erased, it’s not surprising that cyber-protected storage is getting much more attention.

One storage array is equivalent to about one thousand servers. So, protecting storage is now considered the single most important layer of defense against ransomware.

While storage is one of the most critical areas for security teams, it also happens to be one of the least understood.

This handbook provides CISOs and their information security teams with an overview of the evolution of the storage technology landscape, current security threats, and a set of practical recommendations.

Topics include:

  • Building The Need: The Reasons For Securing Enterprise Storage Systems
  • Defining The Risks: Defining The Risks; Where Hackers Get In
  • Practical Recommendations: Six Tips To Secure Your Storage
  • Presenting The Business Case: Making The Business Case For Securing Storage & Backup
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