IDC Case Study: Global Insurance Company Takes a Proactive Approach to IT Infrastructure Resiliency

After experiencing difficulties in meeting the new service availability objectives, the leading insurance company identified cross-domain configuration drifts as a major cause of the risks and problems that occurred during production and annual DR tests. To tackle this issue and improve its ability to monitor and control the datacenter environment, the company chose Continuity Software’s AvailabilityGuard solution to analyze and audit infrastructure configurations. Continuity Software helped the company achieve the following benefits:

  • Identify configuration risks that were previously overlooked or not anticipated
  • Significantly shorten the time spent on identifying and fixing availability and performance issues
  • Exceed strict RPO and RTO objectives
  • Reduce the time to provision and deliver new workloads while improving reliability and stability
  • Enforce and audit the use of best practices by employees and outsourcing partners
  • Cope with employee retention issues by preserving organizational knowledge
  • Reduce OPEX by proactively identifying risks
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