Continuous Assurance for the AWS Well-Architected Framework: Why | What | How

Join us to learn all about the AWS Well-Architected Framework’s five pillars, including why it’s important for your business, how it helps build best-of-breed infrastructure for applications, and how it provides a method for the maintenance of optimal infrastructure.

This session will help you ensure your new apps are built in line with AWS design principles and best practices, and show you how you can continuously and automatically be sure you’re adhering to AWS Well-Architected Framework to reach better business outcomes.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Challenges to building and maintaining robust infrastructure
  • Removing threats to Well-Architected adherence
  • How the solution works in a joint customer case study

The session’s guest speakers are:

  • Rob Melka, Senior Solutions Architect at AWS
  • Ori Tabachnik, CRO at CloudZone
  • Avi Aharon, VP Cloud at Continuity Software

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