An Integrated Approach to Handling Outage Risks and Cyber Threats

During the past decade or so, IT environments have changed profoundly, the landscape of resilience challenges has grown and become more diverse, and as a consequence, the challenges of keeping hybrid/ modern IT environments resilient have grown greater.

Not that long ago IT enterprise infrastructure consisted of physical datacenters. Not anymore. Today, in addition to on-premises equipment, they have evolved to also include multiple private clouds and public clouds, circumstances which make most enterprise IT environments hybrid.

Despite such “decentralization,” responsibility for the environment’s resilience and availability still lies with the enterprise’s IT operations team. And while it’s clear that these types of setups are agile and responsive to business needs, they present formidable challenges to assuring resilience.

The big and urgent question is how to technologically support these hybrid/ modern IT environments and ensure they are resilient and secure.

Download our whitepaper to learn how our integrated, proactive approach to resilience can help you successfully protect your enterprise from outages and from vulnerability to cyberattacks.

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