Proactive Configuration Validation forStorage Area Networks (SAN)

AvailabilityGuard/SAN™ Add-on

Storage Area Network (SAN) is at the heart of the modern datacenter. However, the SAN environment can be highly complex, presenting significant management challenges that may result in availability risks across critical business services.

The typical SAN environment is multi-layered with components from multiple vendors, including storage arrays, SAN switches, servers, and HBAs. Frequent configuration changes require complex adjustment at each layer, and a growing use of virtualization further complicates dependencies.

In this dynamic environment, even the best-managed IT teams are challenged to keep pace with current best-practices published by multiple vendors at all times. Without the proper tools to monitor these configurations, occasional errors are both inevitable and risky.

  • Detect SAN configuration issues and best-practice deviations that put availability at risk.
  • Increase Increase cross-domain collaboration and resource productivity.
  • Correct configuration errors before they cause downtime and data loss.
  • Maximize your SAN investment and identify wasted storage resources

Storage Area Network Visibility and Control

The AvailabilityGuard Risk Discovery Engine™ continually monitors your SAN fabric configuration for issues that could lead to downtime and data loss. It provides end-to-end visibility and control for your Storage Area Network—from the array and replication layers, through the SAN fabric to the host (physical and virtual), cluster, LVM, file systems, and databases—ensuring all component are correctly configured and connected to provide the required level of data protection, performance, and high availability.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

To shorten response time to critical risks, the appropriate teams are immediately notified when risks are detected. Automatically-generated trouble ticket are issued, providing each team with immediate access to information about the topology of the problem area, detailed problem description, the business impact, and recommended remediation steps.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

AvailabilityGuard/SAN alleviates a common pain by providing a single pane of glass by which to view, understand and manage the entire SAN.

Arun Taneja
Founder and Consulting Analyst
Taneja Group

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