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Continuity Software Launch Disaster Recovery Route-to-Value Program

Program provides an efficient way to evaluate RecoverGuard’s Disaster Recovery vulnerability detection capabilities, and explore an innovative way to manage Disaster Recovery systems.

New York, NY, Feb 20, 2007 – Continuity Software Inc, the leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management software, announced the launch of its RecoverGuard Route-to-Value program to further accelerate enterprise adoption of its RecoverGuard technology. The program enables enterprise customers to evaluate the RecoverGuard technology for Disaster Recovery Management, which detects risks and infrastructure vulnerabilities in Disaster Recovery systems and ensures these systems would work when put to use.

The Route-to-Value program is based on a proven methodology developed by Continuity Software and designed to effectively demonstrate RecoverGuard’s risk detection capabilities. RecoverGuard is an innovative, patent pending software solution designed to constantly scan the IT infrastructure without using any agents, and provide immediate notification of newly detected infrastructure vulnerabilities. RecoverGuard enables enterprise customers to ensure that their Disaster Recovery system is constantly aligned with their business protection targets, and that no protection gaps exist in the infrastructure.

The program includes an on-site evaluation and takes less than one week to complete. During the evaluation, Continuity’s professionals deploy the RecoverGuard technology on a subset of the infrastructure and assess the protection level of critical business applications. RecoverGuard validates the protection status and automatically detect any existing infrastructure vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations to the customer’s system engineers on ways to remediate these vulnerabilities.

The program is available to qualified enterprise customers using EMC or NetApp storage infrastructure, and maintains a mirrored Disaster Recovery site. Based on Continuity’s statistics from previously completed programs, the RecoverGuard technology detected an average of 40 infrastructure vulnerabilities which required immediate attention. RecoverGuard is immediately available to enterprise customers who are looking to improve the way they manage Disaster Recovery systems.

 About Continuity Software, Inc

Continuity Software is a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management solutions. Its RecoverGuard™ software mitigates risk by monitoring your production and remote replication environments to detect data protection threats, vulnerabilities and gaps. With RecoverGuard you will be confident your data is protected and you will exceed your business continuity goals. For more information, please visit www.ContinuitySoftware.com

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