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Continuity Software Chosen to Speak at IBM System and Storage Conference 2007

Will Discuss Why Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) Represents the Future of Disaster Recovery (DR), Data Protection and Business Continuity

 Boston, MA and Tel Aviv, Israel (October 22, 2007) – Continuity Software™, a leading provider of Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) solutions, today announced that its Product Manager, Avi Stone, will speak at the IBM Haifa Systems and Storage Conference 2007 (SYSTOR 2007), taking place October 29 – 30, 2007 at the IBM Haifa Labs University Campus.

The presentation entitled, “Disaster Recovery Management – Finding the ‘Gaps’ in Your DR Infrastructure, Before They Find You” will detail how DRM solutions identify vulnerabilities and gaps, or areas where when simple-to-complex changes are made to the production environment they are not appropriately replicated to the remote site. In addition, the presentation will describe best practices for the selection, deployment and management of a DRM solution to meet disaster recovery (DR) optimization goals.

The talk will conclude with a discussion about why DRM solutions represent the future of how enterprise IT organizations will meet their DR, data protection and business continuity goals. “Today, very few would argue the need for a reliable and verifiable DR infrastructure. Yet most customers will admit confidentially that while they indeed have one in place, they do not completely trust it to protect their information and applications in the event of an actual disaster. By ‘disaster’ they mean anything from a simple human error, the forces of nature, fire or power outage – to an act of terrorism,” said Stone. “There now exists, a new solution that truly represents the future of how organizations will address this issue head-on – disaster recovery management.”

“The goal of SYSTOR 2007 is to forge and nourish research and working relations within the academic and industrial communities worldwide. While the conference’s first day focus is on virtualization, on the second day the spotlight will turn to storage market trends and innovation, including the leading R&D developments that will likely underlie the future of storage,” said Gitit Bar-El, Senior Disaster Recovery Engineer, IBM Haifa Labs. “We are delighted that Continuity Software will be joining us to present on the timely and relevant topic of disaster recovery management.”

For further information on the conference, please visit: http://www.systor.org/2007/index.html

 About Continuity Software, Inc

Founded in 2005, Continuity Software, Inc is the leading provider of Business Continuity management software. Our flagship product, RecoverGuard™, is the first Business Continuity monitoring solution which empowers customers to effectively manage Business Continuity implementations, ensure their critical business data is protected, and maintain Business Continuity SLA. For more information, please visit www.ContinuitySoftware.com

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